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Claudio Roncoli was born on March 19, 1971, in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


– Graduated of the P. Pueyrredón National School of Fine Arts, Bs As. 1995.
– Serigraphy, Andrea Moccio workshop. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2001.
– Serigraphy, Miguel Lescano workshop. Lima, Perú. 2003.


• Grammy Award in 2018; Best Art Director in Record Package
• Latin Grammy in 2017; Best Art Director in Record Package
• Recipient of National Endowment for the Arts Grants, Miami; USA. 2016
• 2nd Prize in the 5th Painting Biennal “Premio Ciudad Rafaela” Argentina.

Solo Shows

• “Polyhedron”, Cabrales Gallery, Mar del Plata, Argentina.

• “Remixed”, ODA Gallery, Bs As, Argentina.
• “Empty Project”, Austral University, OTRO MUSEO, Argentina.

• “Empty Project” Laura Haber Gallery, Argentina.
• “Empty Project” Artis Gallery, Córdoba, Argentina.
• “Empty Project” Museum of Contemporary Art MAC. Salta, Argentina.
• “There is no adventure without risk”, Museo del Desierto. Saltillo, México.
• “A cielo abierto”, Museo Artes Gráficas. Saltillo, México.
• “I won’t complain”, Art Labbe Gallery, Miami.
• “The Empty Project” Adelina Gallery, Sao Paulo.
• “Empty” Artium Art Gallery, Miami.
• “Change to Balance” Artium Art Gallery, Miami.
• “Life is long, and the world is small” Harold Golen Gallery, Miami.
• “Encounter Latin & Korean” Busan Art Center, Korea.
• “Rock saved my life” Sacha Mistol Gallery, Argentina.
• “Balance” Mundo Nuevo Gallery Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• “Is coming”, Phillys Elliot Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA.
• "Time is sand in my hands" Modos Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

• "Black Life" Enlace Gallery, Lima, Perú
• “Life”, KIAF, Korea International Art Fair, Seoul, South Korea.

• “Graphics of yesterday, today and tomorrow” Abra Gallery. Tandil, Argentina.
• “B Side” Document Art Gallery. Buenos Aires.
• “Black Life”. Fine Arts Museum "Dr. Urbano Poggi"- Santa Fé, Argentina.
• “MIX” UCAL, Lima Perú.
• “Balance”. Solo Project Naked in Just Mad Mia Art Fair, Miami.
• “LIFE”. Elsi del Río Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• “Black Life”. SUBTE, Contemporary Art Center, Uruguay – Montevideo.
• “Color your life”. Zadok Art Gallery, Miami. USA
• “No effects”. Hoyts Gallery – Buenos Aires.
• “Love me or use me”. La Casa Sin Fin Gallery, Córdoba – Argentina.
• Bertin Toublanc Gallery, Miami EEUU.
• “Art Mini Day”, UK Embassy, Bs. As.
• Gallery 415, San Francisco, EE.UU.
• Kiosco Gallery, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.
• Enlace Gallery, Perú.
• Atelier K18 Gallery, México DF.
• “Bonus Track”, Pabellón IV Gallery, Bs As. Argentina.
• Enlace Sur Gallery, Perú.
• Enlace Gallery, Lima Perú.
• 5006 Gallery, Bs As. Argentina.
• Casa Purcell, Saltillo, México.
• Praxis Gallery. Bs As Argentina.

• Centro Cultural San Martín. Argentina.
• Euroidiomas Foundation, Lima, Perú.
• Centro Cultural Rojas. Bs As Argentina.

Group Shows
• County Art Show, Tandil City Museum, Argentina.
• XI National Bicentennial Hall, Municipal Museum of Visual Arts of Concordia, Entre Ríos.
• Video Fenster. Colonia, Alemania.
• “Linear progress (or how to strip ourselves of reality).” Valk Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• Scope Art Fair, Pabellón IV, Miami.
• “RCS 1-50 Exhibit”, Bakehouse Gallery Miami.
• “Civilization or Barbarie”, Aluna Foundation, Pinta Miami.
• “Local Geometry”, Artium Art Gallery, Miami.
• PINTA Art Fair Miami, Artium Art Gallery, Miami.
• “Who keeps the dog?” MAC Art Gallery. Miami, USA.
• “III Points Festival” Miami, USA
• “Second Chances” MAC Art Gallery. Miami, USA 2014
• “Love” National Bicentennial House, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• Houston Art Fair, Larrabure & Pelaye Art Dealers, Houston, Texas, USA.
• “The void is a normal place” Zona Maco, México – Document Art Gallery
• 5 th Painting Biennal, Fine Arts Museum Dr. Urbano Poggi, Santa Fe, Argentina
• “Processions” Contemporary Art Museum, Salta State, Argentina
• “Life”, ArteBa Fair – Elsi del Río Gallery, Bs As.
• “Black”. ArteBa Fair – Document Art Gallery, Bs As.

• “Oh my God!”. Casa4 Gallery, Tigre, Bs As.
• “Make a wish” –Duhau Palace. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• Expotrastiendas. Masotta Torres Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• “Colectiva”. Enlace gallery, Lima.
• “Cocina Estampa”, Bisagra Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• SWAB Fair, Pabellón 4 Gallery. Barcelona, España.
• ArteBA Fair, Pabellón 4 Gallery, Bs As.
• “Jazz”. Enlace Gallery. Lima, Perú.
• “Barreda/Roncoli/Dan” Danfer Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• “Crisis Paper” Museo del Normalismo. Saltillo, Coahuila, México.
• Scope Fair- Pabellón 4 Gallery. Miami, USA.
• ArtBo Fair – Pabellón 4 Gallery. Colombia.
• MIA Art Fair – Pabellón 4 Gallery. Miami, USA.
• “Hipanic Art” Euroidiomas Foundation. Lima, Perú.
• The Affordable Art Fair Bruxelles. Abraham Art Gallery.
• ArteBA Fair. Apetite Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• “Corridor Project”. Bisagra Gallery,. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• “Crisis Paper”. Galería Enlace. Lima, Perú.
• “The second look”. Angel Guido Art Project Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• “Miracles”. Barraca Vorticista. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• “Fotoseptiembre” Center Image, DF México.
• “Photogram” Uruguay.
• “Cocina Estampa” Kiosco Gallery,. Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Bolivia.
• Arte BA Fair, Pabellón 4 Gallery, Bs as Argentina.
• Modo7 Gallery, Miami EEUU.
• ArtBo Fair. Pabellón 4 Gallery. Colombia.
• “Hopening”, Casa Agelman, Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• “Polo Helmet Auction” Ellerstina Polo Club, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• “Ojo Latino” Museum of Contemporary Art, Chile.
• “Me Río de La Plata” – Argentine Contemporary Artists in Uruguay, Marte Up Market Gallery
• Expotrastiendas Fair Bs As, Enlace Gallery.
• The AAF, New York City. Gallery 415.
• “Minjín/Roncoli: Life Venus” – Enlace Gallery, Argentina.
• Arteaméricas Miami, Enlace Gallery.
• ArteBA fair, Enlace Gallery.
• “Estereotipops”, Massotta Torres Gallery, Argentina.
• “Public tensions, domestic utopias”, C. Simón Patiño, S. Cruz de la Sierra – Bolivia.
• “The Question is Known: (W)here is Latin American/Latino Art? Misión Cultural Center for
Latino Arts. San Francisco. EEUU .

• “Recycling” Cabieses/Roncoli, Enlace Sur Gallery.
• Art Now Fair Miami, Gallery 415.
• Bertin Toublanc Gallery, Miami. EE.UU.
• “ReGeneration Pop”, Enlace Gallery, Lima Perú.
• ArtBo Fair, Enlace Gallery.
• Expoaméricas Fair Miami, Enlace Gallery.
• ArteBA Fair, Enlace Gallery.
• “Identity” El Blanqueo Industrial Museum, Monterrey México.
• “VI Salón Gravat Olot” Museum House Can Trincheria. Cataluña – España.
• “Portrait of woman”. Crimson Gallery, Bs. As. Argentina.
• Del Paseo Gallery, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
• The Affordable Art Fair, Londres.
• Bs. As. Photo, Enlace Gallery. Argentina.
• “Cube Project”, Pabillion 4 Gallery. Argentina.
• ArteBA Fair, Chandon Space. Argentina.
• “Rivadavia, a role in the culture”, Recoleta Cultural Center, Bs As. Argentina.
• “The wall”, Praxis Gallery, Lima, Perú.
• Italarte Gallery, Roma – Italia.
• The Affordable Art Fair, Alexandra Phillips Gallery. Londres.
• The Affordable Art Fair, Praxis Gallery. Londres.
• “ExpoTrastiendas Fair”, Praxis Gallery. Argentina.
• “ExpoAntiquaria Fair”, Praxis Gallery. Argentina.
• “Covert Skins”, García Carrillo Cultural Center, Saltillo, México.
• “Object and Representation”, Castagnino Museum, Mar del Plata City Bs As and
Contemporary Art Space in Mendoza. Argentina.
• San Martín Cultural Center, " Art Progression". Argentina.
• Museum of Cultures, Saltillo – México.
• Alliance Francaise – Fortabat Cultural Center. Argentina.
• Fourth International Arts Festival, Torreón, Coahuila – México.
• Latin American Art Exhibition, UNAM, Québec – Canadá.
• City Museum Castellels, Barcelona, España.
• "Cycle Digital Art and Photography" sponsored by the City Government. Argentina.
• “Expanded Graphics”, Villa Victoria, Mar del Plata. Argentina.
• Centro Cultural San Martín, Alternative Digital Cycle. Argentina.
• First International Digital Graphics, "Culture and Traditions", México.
1996 to 1999

• Centro Cultural Recoleta. Argentina.
• Cultural Center of Economics, Bs. As. Argentina.
• Palais de Glace, Graduates Show E.N.B.A.P.P. Bs. As. Argentina.
• “Una muestra barbara” El Barbaro, Bs. As. Argentina.
1988 a 1995
• Emilio Saraco Cultural Center – Neuquén. Argentina.
• Hall Theater Santa María. Bs. As. Argentina.
• L & F Cultural Center, San Telmo. Bs. As. Argentina.
• Florencio Varela Cultural Center. Bs. As. Argentina.
• El Taller Cultural Center – Palermo. Bs. As. Argentina.
• Escobar Cultural Center. Bs. As. Argentina.
• San Isidro Cultural Center. Bs. As. Argentina.
Selected in the following awards.
• Second Biennial of Latin American Art, Gordon Parks Gallery, New York.
• “IV National Contest UADE” – Bs. As. Argentina.
• Salón Félix Amador, Vicente López, Argentina.
• “VI Salón Gravat Olot”-Cataluña, España.
• II National Contest Prize Platt, Bs. As. Argentina.
• IV Painting “Roberto Di Paolo” – San Isidro, Argentina.
• Salón Felix Amador, Vicente López Argentina.
• Salón Octubre. Bs. As. Argentina.
2005 a 2003
• Municipal Hall of Rosario, Argentina.
• Selected in the first Hall ISEV, Transarte Gallery.
• Palais de Glace, Bs. As. Argentina. Award Hebraica "Stimulus Young Painters" Argentina.
• VI International Digital Art, La Habana, Cuba.
• City Bank Foundation Award, National Museum of Fine Arts. Argentina.
• Third International Contest "Digital Prints Gravat Olot", Spain y Sweden.
2002 / 1994
• Second International Contest "Digital Prints Gravat Olot", Spain.
• "Alternative – Digital Meeting", San Martín Cultural Center. Argentina.
• CD Room de Argentine Artists, Art & Action – UBA XXI. Argentina.
• First International Digital Art, Etérea, México.
• "Buenos Aires No Duerme" Argentina.
• Jimi Hendrix Exibithion, Recoleta Cultural Center. Argentina.


• “VEP_02”. Art Video. 2022
• “VEP_01”. Art Video. 2021
• “Tattoo” Music Video. Art Direction2021
• “Disco Eterno”. Miami Art Talent. 2018
• “Balance”. Art Video. 2012
• “Do not play with fire”, Video-Arte 2003.
• “The colorful”. Art Direction in fshort ilm. 2012.
• “Life”. Art Video 2011.
• “AZULADO” Music Video, rock group “Los 7 Delfines”. Art Direction. 1995.
• “Journey into the matter” Video-documentary for artist Perez Celis. Art Direction. 1994.
• “Neuquén, Untitled a Trip”. Video-documentary. Art Direction. 1993.

Social Work

• Movil Art Foundation, President.
• Best Buddies Foundation, Godfather.
• ONG Argentinian School Miami, Art Director.
• PAR Foundation, Curator.
• TECHO Foundation, Collaborator.
• Festival Arte Inclusivo, Collaborator.
• Make a Wish, Collaborator.
• Agelman House Foundation, Collaborator.
• Fundación Festival Arte Inclusivo, Collaborator

Music Releases

• “Polyhedron” EP, 2021
• “Cuando todo termine seremos robot” LP, 2019
• “Volcanes en la noche” LP, 2020
• “Desprogramados” LP, 2020
• “Culture” EP, 2020
• “Volcanes en la noche / Remixed” EP, 2021

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